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Douglas Haber & Michelle Haber would like to thank you for clicking to our award winning website! As of 2015, Outer Banks Productions has shot well over 775,000 professional shots between weddings and family portraits. Our main company is Outer Banks Productions so after you are finished at this site, please check us out at our other site here.

We want to thank all of our 2014 families for the best season ever! As of January 2015, we are overwhelmed with requests for duplicate dates. Although we have several photographers, availability is still limited. 2015 dates are already filling up so please contact us to secure your date as soon as possible! We shoot weddings, portraits and aerials so don’t delay.


What we offer:

~Fun photographers for a fun photo session! We also offer wedding photography, videography and photo booth. See: OuterBanksProductions.com for more details.
~Large group shots, sub-groups, individuals (If needed)
~You get the high-resolution disk with all the images so you can make your own prints.
~Mix and match any package that includes prints so all of the print can be different.
~We ship the disk to your address for free.
~All of the images are color corrected and enhanced to look awesome!
~Make your own prints though our lab or yours!
~1 – 1 1/2 full hour session time depending on your group.
~Large or small groups, children & pets no problem! (We LOVE pets!!!)
~Candid shots with every session!
~Requests no trouble!
~Free on-line proofing!
~Free mileage!
~There are no additional cost for 1 disk of images! (REALLY!)
~Additional disks are available and separate shipping charges apply when shipping to multiple addresses.
~We work with the weather when there are issues.

FAQ from our REAL emails:

(Please also see our “How it works page to learn everything you will need to know about booking and how your session will go.)

Our Number 1 Question:
Q: With your print package, can all the images be different or do they have to be all the same image?

A: All the images in our print packages can be different. You can mix and match them as you wish. 

Q: Do you also offer other services such as wedding photography, videography or photo booth?
A: Yes, all of them! Please see: OuterBanksProductions.com for all the details!

Q: We are interested in a 50th Anniversary photo session the week of July 12-19. There will be 14-15 people in our group, and we would like subgroup photos. There are five children, ages 3-11.
A: We always offer the ability to

Q: I just have a few questions.  My family and I are staying in Avon the first week in August.  There are just the 4 of us (two children).  If we went with the prints package, that does NOT include the disk of images, correct?  If we wanted to add the disk, what is the cost?  Or, we would be better to get the Package with just the disk?
A: All packages come with at least 1 disk. The package with the prints come with 4 total disks so there is no extra charge unless you would like more than 4 disks.

Q: Also, we are not staying in a beachfront house, where would you suggest in Hatteras to go for photographs?
A: We generally shoot at the closest beach to your house or you may wish to drive to Coquina beach in Nags Head although that is about 45 minutes drive.

Q: What is the current pricing?
: Click here for answer as our prices may change.

Q: What is payment process?
: The retainer is 50% and secures your date. We will send you a PayPal request to make this payment. The balance is due the day of the shoot and is best paid for with a check or cash.

Q: With your print packages, are all the prints the same like with grade school photos or can you choose individual prints?
A: You get to choose each and every print with any of print packages. If you get 40 -4×6′s each one can be different or the same. You have full control.

Q: Will 1 hour be enough for an 11-20 group?
A: Yes. If but your candid shot count may not be as high as you want. Especially once your group gets up to 15 or more. So if you really want a lot of candid shots, just request the 1 1/2 hour session instead. Adding on time when the sun is going down is not possible.

Q: Out of curiosity, does the infant count in the total count of people?  She will only be a few days old.
 A: I’m glad you asked about infants vs people. I realized I should add that to our official price list so no one gets confused. Yes, infants count in the total count of people. They often have trouble looking at the camera, smiling, squinting and generally looking like they don’t want their picture taken so they usually make us work harder for our pay.

Q: Do you do individuals shots of each family? For instance, like my parents, my family, and my sisters family.
: Yes. We shoot the large group first, smaller groups, individuals, pets if any then we take any extra requests, shoot with any props or outfit changes then finish with candid shots on the beach or your location.

Q: How long is the session?
: 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on your group size and or desire for additional candid shots.

Q: Can you really shoot all these people in with candid shots and all the individual shots in the time slot for our group?
: Yes. We have shot 650,000 images since we have been professional photographers.  We shoot over 140 portrait sessions per year and weddings also so we know how to pose, organize and control large groups efficiently. Most of our groups need a lot of help getting this done efficiently so we have plenty of experience that will help your session go smoothly.

Q: I would like a few shots of my little girl alone, is that extra?
A: No. The only thing that is extra is prints if you have not purchased a package without prints.

Q: Why are you cheaper than everyone else?
: We feel our current pricing is fair for our current market. We have many customers each year call and tell us they thought last years session was too expensive for what they received and then they book with us. All of them return year after year! Additionally we currently offer a life discount for return customers!

Q: How much do you charge for the disk?
: $0.00. The disk is included in our packages.

Q: Do you come to us or do we come to you?
: The choice is yours but mostly we come to you. We have a favorite location In Nags Head and can offer a small discount if you choose to drive there. Please just ask. It’s really worth it if your location does not have a nice beach for photos or the tides are high at you session time.

Q: Do you offer evening sessions, morning sessions or both?
: We schedule most sessions in the evening about 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours before sunset. We generally save mornings for rescheduling. Morning sessions are very early and are always 15 minutes after sunrise otherwise everyone is squinting!  Additionally the session is often shorter because the sun gets so bright so fast. We know children may or may not like this but this is how we keep our calendar accommodating everyone along with the crazy OBX weather.

Q: What happens if it rains or is too windy?
: We have several options. 1st we look at the weather and try to reschedule if possible. Next if that option is not possible then we can offer 2 options. Shoot the images creatively inside or offer a rain check. After all these years we have given 3 rain checks and maybe 3 or 4 indoor sessions as of October 2012.

Q: Why should we expect a photographer to know about the weather?
: We are both pilots of light aircraft. We generally offer better forecasts than the local weather. Also in the past we were local consultants for NOAA of Newport/Morehead City NC. http://www.erh.noaa.gov/mhx/

Q: Do you watermark your images?
: Only the low resolution images that may be include on your disk are watermarked. We want you to upload these to social media and we love the credit. Thank you! Otherwise, your images on the disk are full size and printable WITHOUT the watermarks.

Q: Do you offer all the image or just a few?
: I love this question! We give you everything we shoot except any obvious duplicates. For example, if we shoot 5 shots of the large group and there are shots with and without peoples eyes closed, you will receive the best shot. Also we do not give you any image that may not be properly rendered because of a technical error including blurry images. Our goal is to give you as much as possible!

Q: How long does it take to get the images on disk.
: On average, it takes 6 weeks or less. In situations such as hurricanes and our busy season it could take up to 12 weeks. (From our current 2013 contract: “On average it takes up to 6 weeks but can take up to 12 weeks or longer to receive your edited images, photo albums, prints or image CD’s/DVD’s depending on the time of the year. We do not guarantee a delivery date. We will notify you if your images will take longer than 12 weeks.”) We obviously want you to have the images as soon as possible just like we would like if it was our family and also we would never want people complaining on the internet as that would be bad for business.

Q: What is best to wear?
: Khakis or blue jeans and white shirts. Otherwise stick to solid colors. No stripes or polka-dots.

Q: Can we bring props?
: Yes, we love that. Please do!

Q: I have a dog, a cat and an iguana. Will you shoot them also?
: Only if they try to bite us! LOL No seriously, we love pets and have great patients so please bring them.

Q: Can we all do a jump shot?
: Yes. Those that cant jump, just stay still with your hands in the air. It looks great!

Q: I want a shot of us with the ocean and the dunes in the back. Can you shoot that?
: Yes! In the evening sessions we shoot the dune shots 1st because of lighting and the ocean shots second. This makes the best images.

Q: Can you shoot sunset images?
: Yes, if you are on the sound side of the island. Our sun goes down on the opposite side of the beach so you need to be on the sound side for shots like this. There are not many sound side public access locations so this get’s tricky unless you have a sound side property. Additionally, if you have enough beach it may be possible to get sunset images on the beach side of the island. Locations like our favorite Nags Head location work very well for this which is another reason to consider coming to Nags Head. Either way, we shoot the best sunset images in our opinion.

Q: Do you mind if our friends shoot alongside?
: No, but it takes about double the time so it will definitely mean your session will run out of light and not be as good as if we shot it alone. Additionally they often create shadows on you images that do not look good.

Q: Will the wind affect our hair?
: Yes. If it is above 15 mph we will need to be patient for good wind cycles if possible. Also we will try to move you to make them better. We suggest considering hairspay if possible on windy days. Eventually though, this method will not work. Feel free to keep fixing your hair as needed.

Q: Will you Photoshop our hair if it is windy?
: Officially, no. But if you purchase prints from us we will offer this service for a few prints or enlargements. Maximum 3 images. If you need more, we have a per hourly rate of minimum $99.00/hour. Please contact us for the current rate.

Q: 2 friends won’t be there. Can you Photoshop them in?
: Officially, no. We have a per hourly rate of minimum $99.00/hour. Please contact us for the current rate. Something like this can take 5-20 hours depending on what you want. It is mostly cost prohibitive but we can do it. Most people decide not to because of the cost.

Q: My husband was hit in the head with a golf ball and has a huge scar. Can you Photoshop that out? (This actually happened one year)
: Officially, no. But if you purchase a print from us we will offer this service for a few prints or enlargements. Maximum 3 images. If you need more, we have a per hourly rate of minimum $99.00/hour. please contact us for the current rate.

Q: My children like to be in bed early. Can you shoot the session earlier?
: We can shoot maybe 1/2 hour earlier but the lighting will be so bad that the children will cry even more and everyone will be squinting. We always suggest trying to schedule naps on a photo shoot day. As parents ourselves, we understand this sounds great in theory but is not always easy. Either way, this is the best plan. One other suggestion is to have the shoot under the Nags Head Pier at which point can accommodate smaller groups depending on the tides.

Q: Do you have a contract?
: Yes. Our contract is designed to protect both you and our company.

Q: If the weather is bad all week and we can not reschedule, what will we do? My family will never all be together again since most of them are from Germany.
: We will creatively shoot the images inside so don’t worry!

Q: Why does it take so long to get the images? Do you use a slow computer?
: Actually technology has nothing to do with it. We likely have the fastest computers on the OBX! We hear often from other OBX companies that we are not the only ones that get backed up in August, September, October. Outer Banks Productions is a small business that has 2 main employees. We shoot 60-70 weddings and over 130 family portraits per year. We go through each image and color correct them, enhance and crop accordingly. This careful process takes a lot of time. We can shoot 170,000 thousand images per year and we go through each and every single one. We also work most of the day and into the nights only stopping for meals and children time. Ultimately, as the season becomes even more busy, our delivery time slows down a little.  But rest assured we are working to get you images to you as fast as possible and will email you shortly after your shipping label is made.

Q: What does on-line proofing mean?
: On-line proofing is an internet service that allows you to view the images we shot and view them on-line via an internet browser. This service is your first contact with your images. We do not guarantee to post image that have been color corrected but only guarantee uncorrected proofs. Often we will upload the images after they have been color corrected if we are not backed up.  Additionally, you will be able to send this link to friends and family and they can order images on their own. This is a very popular service and it is free with all of our packages!

Q: If it is raining can we still shot them outside? We really aren’t bothered by the rain.
: No. Our professional equipment will definitely have problems in the rain & fog and any other adverse weather. If it is possible, we will shoot it outside. If not, we will reschedule or shoot them inside.

Q: How many family portrait images has your company shot?
: It’s hard to say but as of October 2012 we would estimate it’s more than most people could spell. LOL!

Q: My kids are both hyperactive does this bother you?
: No. We are both parents and are used to it. We are patient and loving and will shoot aggressively to get the best images possible. Don’t worry!

Q: Our photographer from last year charged us an arm and a leg and we only got a few images. What do you offer differently?
: Oh we hate to hear this. Times are tough and to hear a story about a bad family portrait experience hurts us. Especially when it deals with cost. We offer a reasonable rate, exceptional service and a lot of images. Our biggest complaint has always been that we offer too many images to pick from. We are very proud of this. Also our past clients get 10% off each additional year!

Q: My last photographer told me he limits his images per session. Do you give a limit?
: All packages come with unlimited images in the time promised unless we have made a very rare special agreement in advance.

Q: Your images are the most amazing ever! Now that we see how good you are, we would like to upgrade to a print package. How much is that?
: Each package is different but they start at approximately $199.00. Please contact us for current rates.

Q: You have been highly recommended by friend of our family. What is it that should make us go with Outer Banks Productions?
: Kim, great question! You are spending a lot of money on this so we want you to be 100% satisfied. 1st we offer all of our services and features in an all inconclusive package with the option to add on prints later. The mileage is free, the disk is free, the on-line proofing is free and the sitting fee is included. There is only NC state sales tax if you are an NC resident. That’s it. There are no surprise fees. We hear all the time that there is a photographer with a cheap sitting fee and the disk costs one hundred billion gazillion dollars. We are not those guys.  Additionally we are fun to work with, we will not try to sell you prints on the job and we take all your requests and have no set limit on the number of images. We love kids and pets and have great patients. We are all yours for 1 – 1 1/2 hours. I hope this explains everything.

Q: Thanks for the information, I have one other question, does the session also allow us to do individual family shots, in addition to the large extended family pictures?
A: Absolutely! We will get all the breakdowns you want within your time frame.

Q: Do you accept tips after a great session?
: Yes. We get asked this all the time. Our tip rate is about 90% so we feel we are doing something right. All tips are greatly appreciated!

Q: Hello.  I am inquiring about your family package.  I am unclear about what the hour of photography includes.  We have 13 people – we would like one shot with the whole group, and group shots of
1.  mom and dad
2. a family of four
2.  another family of four
3.  grandmother (91!) with all four grandchildren (all over 5)
4. mom and dad with all four grandchildrenWe are flexible and not demanding =) just need some good photos of a special family event.  We do not need the prints made – just digital access and we will be in the Outer Banks from ***  We are staying at ***, but are willing to travel, if that is better, for a good beach session.  Will you please let me know what cost we are looking at and thank you, in advance.
A: August 21, 22, 2013 are both available. The hour photography includes 60 minutes of photos which includes whatever photos you like. Traditionally we take shots of each family, just the parents, just the children, Grandparents and Grandchildren and any other combinations you can imagine. Typically we shoot a combination of the above with the dunes in the background and then with the ocean in the background. The large group shot (everyone) is usually taken with the ocean in the background. We also offer candid shots and all your requests with any time left over. You will then receive free online proofing and a disk sent to you with all the acceptable images. You have complete digital access and can make all the prints you like. Officially this is called, “Home rights use”. You may additionally add a print package to any of our packages if you wish.

(Current pricing sent to this potential customer with this answer)

Q: One more question and then I will pay.  I just want to make sure we get the disk with all the photos.  That is what is advertised on your website but I want to make sure.  Then we can make copies and create a photo book.
A: Yes, you received the disk with the high-resolution images and can make copies and create a photo book no problem.

More package details & pricing here.

Serving: Corolla, Pine Island, Sanderling, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo, Roanoke Island, Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Cape Hatteras, Frisco.

Polka Dot

Family Photography Rodanthe The Van Noort Family

We had a perfect day in August for portraits on the beach in Rodanthe, NC. The Van Noorts traveled here all the way from South Dakota. They were such a fun family to work with as you will see in the photos. They used a variety of blues, whites and khakis for their photo shoot. A little bit of color can make your photos really stand out.


Rodanthe Sunrise Family Portraits

The first week of June was a very wet week. We had to reschedule some of our clients. The McCann family was rescheduled to a morning session. We photographed the McCann family in Rodanthe at sunrise. It was such a gorgeous morning. The sky was gorgeous and this family was so nice and wonderful to work with. Here is their gorgeous family portrait session.

Zak Carova Beach Family Portraits

I met up with Megan at the Twiddy office in Corolla. We had family portraits scheduled for an evening session with her family in the Carova area of Corolla,NC. It is always such a nice drive up the beach. The portrait session took place in September so the beach was pretty clear and the horses were out roaming that day. They didn’t visit us during our session but at least we got to admire them on the way to the house.
Including the boyfriends they had 23 people in their group. It was quite a windy day but we were able to work around it.

Corolla Beach Photography DeLuca Family Portraits

The DeLuca family visited the Whalehead area of Corolla on the Outer Banks, NC at the end of August. They traveled all the way from Lancaster, PA. This family was so wonderful. They were always full of smiles and laughter. Everyone was happy to be there. The day couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I love the colors that they chose for their portraits session. The men wore Navy blue and the women wore white and off-white. We started out with photos in the dune and then headed toward the water for some more fun! We even included the family dogs in the fun!

Duck Family Beach Portraits Meling Family

We were so fortunate to work with the Meling family again this year. It has been so wonderful to see everyone over the years. They traveled from Raleigh,NC for their vacation in Duck this year.
This part of Duck doesn’t have very good sand dunes so most of the pictures were taken in front of the water or walking down the beach. Often, when we start a portrait session, we have everyone pose in the dunes with the sea oats in the background. When the sun goes down and gets softer, we do portraits in front of the water. This helps keep everyone from squinting. Thankfully, it was an overcast day which was wonderful for the pictures.
I love that the Meling family avoided the traditional colors and picked their favorite team colors for their portrait session.  We had a lot of fun with this family. I can’t wait until next time!