In all cases please keep your phone on and ready to take calls on the day of your session starting at 12:00 p.m. incase we need to discuss any weather issues etc.!

Tips for your family portrait session:

  • If you arrive on the Outer Banks and notice there are no sand dunes at your location, please feel free to contact us to adjust your location if possible. This could affect the first half of your session because we use the dunes as a backdrop and to help avoid squinting.
  • Please do not look at the long range weather forecast and become worried unless there is a major weather event such as a named storm. 90% or more of our sessions have worked out with a little tweak in time or a simple reschedule.
  • 24 hours before your session, if the weather report is showing a 70% chance or more, feel free to contact us and discuss the weather. We see rain predictions at 50-60% all season and historically, we end up shooting the session successfully anyway.
  • OBP will likely arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up and acclimate our cameras on hot days. Do not rush if you see us. We will then come to the door and walk to the beach. If you are not beach front, please tell us in advance and we will make the proper arrangements.
  • The pictures look the best when everyone is wearing the same color. The most popular is Khaki pants and a white shirt or blue jeans and a white top. Large (1 inch or more stripes are ok but small stripes and patterns will sometimes render some digital noise, so they are not ideal.
  • Consider bringing water and sunblock for everyone. Bring toys, snacks and blankets for smaller children. You may wish to also include face towels for people sweating, if it’s a hot day.
  • Bring props if needed (ex. The opportunity for pictures of the small children playing with colorful beach ball or  toy on a blanket is a lot of fun and makes great photos. Also buckets and shovels are great also.
  • Please consider bringing a chair for the elderly. They will gratefully appreciate it for when they are not in the photos.
  • Feel free to make a list of the images that are important to capture and supply this to your photographer before the session. Keep in mind of how long the session is when making your list.
  • Sometimes we use the shadow of a nearby house to help with squinting. Please trust your photographer about any lighting issues.
  • Have someone available to help with little children.
  • Tips are not expected or built into the package price but are greatly appreciated.
  • HAVE FUN!!!